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Now Streaming!

Avery Deutsch & Justin Jackson as Juliet & Romeo

#RJLouisville is now available to stream on Actors Theatre DIRECT!

"A global pandemic and social unrest embroil the nation in conflict as Romeo and Juliet, the children of sworn enemies, dare to imagine a world where hearts are not ruled by hatred but by love."

In the wake of Breonna Taylor, our production (led by Artistic Director Robert Barry Fleming) examines the themes of love and violence from not only a modern lens, but the perspective of Actors Theatre's very own community of Louisville.

The text is adapted to take place right downtown, caught in the crossfire between two rich families from the East and West sides of Louisville. The cast is comprised of actors, poets, and activists alike, all of whom director Fleming met through the theater or during peaceful demonstrations elsewhere in the community.

The production was done entirely remotely, each actor (or couple) performing from their own home. We each had a green screen, lighting equipment, and communications devices that transformed our livingrooms into film sets. The rest of the magic was done by our post-production team, and the result is perhaps the freshest take on this classic story to date. We look forward to sharing it with you!

Tickets are Pay-What-You-Can :)

Click here to claim them, and your link will be emailed to you!

Be well.

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