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  • "There aren't enough superlatives to explain Alexander Stuart's performance as Christopher. It was absolutely exciting and uplifting to watch Mr. Stuart portray an Autistic young man. He was unapologetic and full of verve and purpose." (Curious Incident, Louisville '18)

  • "The cast is respectable, but the entire production is reliant on the dominantly compelling performance by autistic actor Alexander Stuart as Christopher. Stuart is exceptional in this role. It is worthy to note Mr. Stuart is the second autistic actor to tackle this very difficult character. The panic attacks and seizures that Stuart acts out are almost too hard to watch. [...] What a brilliant portrayal." (Curious Incident, Sarasota '19)

  • "Alexander Stuart gives a compelling turn as the lonely teen who can hack any computer but can't navigate the vicious social dynamics at the expensive international school he attends. When the one classmate he considers a friend, Natalie (Upasna Barath), betrays him, Luke's breakdown is both heart wrenching and frightening." (Mosquitoes, Chicago '19)


  • "Back to Stuart, the actor playing Christopher. The fact that he is an autistic actor is important on a political and intersectional level, and I applaud Actors Theatre for their best practices for casting in addition to their art. But none of that should overshadow the quality of Stuart’s performance. As a character, Christopher offers an extreme example of the dichotomy actors navigate. He is quiet and reserved for much of the play, but when overstimulated or frightened, his behavior becomes extreme. A character like Christopher might tempt some actors to spend too long on the extreme side of that dichotomy, and a performance of “The Curious Incident” could easily have left the scenery quite chewed. Stuart deftly balances that broad range of emotion needed to bring Christopher to life, and his many physical and verbal tics build Christopher’s complex physical reality and make visible his interiority without taking focus away from Christopher’s humanity." (Curious Incident, Louisville '18)


  • "Alexander Stuart recently played Christopher at Actors Theatre of Louisville, and was the second autistic actor to play the part. His is a performance I won't soon forget, vivid without calculation, living and breathing in front of us. (Curious Incident, Sarasota '19)


  • "When it comes to casting, the role of Christopher [...] is beyond critical. In finding Alexander Stuart to play the role [...] FST landed the foundation for a very worthy recreation. Stuart, who is on the autistic spectrum himself, takes us into Christopher's world with jarring realism." (Curious Incident, Sarasota '19)


  • "Alexander Stuart, making his Steep debut, is commanding, captivating and deeply concentrated as Luke." (Mosquitoes, Chicago '19)

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