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Wonk Residence Ep. 6 - Parrot & Dangle: Intergalactic Detectives

Wonk Residence is back with a vengeance, picking up the series where it left off a year ago (episode 3).

Now, we have parts 4, 5, and 6 of our cosmic adventure with the whacky tenants of Wonk Residence, in which we meet such colorful characters as David Foster Wallace (David Stobbe), Steve the Demon (Alex Fortune), and now Alexander J. Stuart as supervillain kingpin of the Flat-Earther Society, Walt Disney. Follow rookie multiverse detectives Parrot & Dangle as they seek to save our dimension from the misinformational wrath of Disney and his surprising new ally.

It's an eggy situation. What could go wrong? You simply must see for yourself!

Written & Directed by the lovely Zach Huber.

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